Press Release

Death of RIBA


Given the serious situation we are experiencing at Fundació Miranda due to the death of the pottoka RIBA pony due to an unfortunate hunting accident, and how this is affecting the whole team of volunteers, partners, godmothers, management and Board of Trustees, we are assessing the necessary actions that we feel with the commitment and responsibility to undertake, and that we want to activate in the most accurate way and from the calm , despite how everything is affecting us.

Sadness, anger, helplessness and great learning: to be able to manage this rage in order to give voice to all who do not have it: horses, people, nature, and the most vulnerable groups when we talk about respect for life!

The Pottoka ponies of the Miranda Foundation have spent four years doing fire prevention and contributing biodiversity to the @ParcGarraf, in a project with the Park and @Dibacat. Our flock of small big-hearted giants suffered a very felt and irreparable loss yesterday, for the value of the project, the genetic value and above all the emotional value and a life!

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